Thank you for reading our November newsletter. The days may be getting shorter but we at Eurocircle are as busy as ever.
November 2018, marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. This historic milestone is a moving one for people from across Europe. While at the same time, this gives us further reason to celebrate our modern Europe characterised by cooperation, which is embodied by Eurocircle.
Our autumn Erasmus+ tour 
From September until Christmas, Eurocircle is travelling around Europe, with different EU projects.
Follow our tour here!
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Our new KA2 Erasmus + projects
Eurocircle has been pleased to participate in Erasmus Key Action 2 Projects this autumn.
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NECE Conference in Marseille
Marseille hosted the Networking European Citizenship Education conference.
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What Europe Does For Me
A new website launched by the European Parliament shows how the EU improves the lives of its citizens.
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Eurocircle backs the European Citizens’ Initiative
Eurocircle endorses  the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) in order to increase citizen's participation.
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This time I'm voting
On 24 October, Eurocircle-Europe Direct welcomed the European Parliament for their campaign launch.
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European News
The draft Brexit agreement in a nutshell
A summary of the key areas of the European Union's withdrawal agreement.
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European Rising Star - Pedro Sánchez 
A profile of Spain's charasmatic new Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.
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The new populism
A new investigation by The Guardian, into a new European phenomenon. 
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